Andy Rhodes

Artist Statement

The sole focus of my practice explores the traditional inquiry of painting, concentrating on space in representation, the illusion of the picture plane, the command of the gaze, a theory explored by Jacques Lacan, and the creation of tension and atmosphere within the surface of the canvas.

I use a process of fragmentation and manipulation of photographic imagery, both found and self-taken, as a starting point, and transform the composed photographic imagery further during the translation into paint, creating my own pictorial language.

The result of this is an amalgamation of the real and the imaginary, the past and the future, hope and despair, the familiar and the unfamiliar, feelings that are echoed in the Freudian concept of the uncanny, an optimistic vision of an oblivious future, devoid of human presence, both in subject and on an emotional platform.  These are places and vistas that were once occupied but now are not, a visual utopia not for the future of humanity but solely for the beauty of the landscape.


Born 1981. Currently living and working in Norwich, Norfolk

2012 – 2014    Norwich University of the Arts – MA Fine Art.

2006 – 2009    Cambridge School of Art – BA (Hons) Fine Art.