Jacqueline Franks

Artist Statement

I am a mixed media artist with a strong preference towards oil paint. I instantly fell in love with this medium from when I first picked it up at around the age of 7 or 8, and although I have enjoyed learning to express myself in many other media over the years, I always come back to oils. 

I love how versatile it is as a medium as it can be thinned down with turpentine or white spirit to create a wash or get that perfect fluid line of detail, or it can be used thick to create texture. You can add mediums to make it more translucent with a thick, sticky syrup like quality. I enjoy it's malleability and the fact that it takes around 4 days to dry depending on how oily it is or what medium you have mixed with it, this allows me to continue to blend, perfect and adjust after having had time to step back and return to review it later with a fresh pair of eyes. I tend to use sable or synthetic brushes, as even though they are not traditionally created for use with oil, I like how soft and delicately you can use them to manipulate the paint compared to the scratchiness of more coarse bristle brushes.

I often experiment with texture using tissue, material, foam, sequins and beads that I sew on to the canvas, and sometimes I build sections of the canvas up with plaster before painting on top of it with oil paint.

My work mainly focuses on the human form, portraiture and nature. I want to celebrate beauty in the everyday, in the faces of people, the places I have been and the objects around me. I use bright, exaggerated colours and create contrast between delicate detailed work and bold, expressive brush strokes. My work has been described as having an honest yet ethereal  quality, or some of my most recent work has been said to have a retro 60s and 70s feel. I often use it in a therapeutic sense as a way of releasing tension or expressing my thoughts and feelings; mainly about love, as a either a concept or emotion, whether that be in a nostalgic, platonic, romantic or physical sense.

My aim is to create art that speaks to people, connect people with their emotions, and perhaps even exudes a little bit of mystery. I believe that art should be something that can be enjoyed by everyone, but I find a lot of people I speak to feel intimidated by art as they believe they do not know anything about it. Which is compounded by the pretence that often surrounds modern art as some people feel like they are being fooled or baffled by an elaborate commentary that tries to justify why a urinal or an unmade bed can be called art.

My work is striking, passionate and has no need for commentary; I hope that it is something that people can relate to on all levels.


New Artist Fair London Fri, 09/09/2016 to Sun, 09/11/2016