Sam Marshall

Artist Statement

Sam Marshall is a London based photographer and artist. Marshall's work is concerned with the aesthetic re-interpretation of beauty, changing context and creating a new focus for the viewer that encourages them to re-interpret the world around them. Marshall experiments with graphic images of abstracted reality and texture that act as ambiguous commentaries on contemporary urban culture. This mode of aesthetic expression explores the essence of our contemporary surroundings and is presented in a direct and powerful way to engage the viewer beyond the realms of the visual alone. The artist affords the images ambiguity, which in turn opens them up to new meanings, new ways of being perceived and new ways for them to communicate with the viewer. Marshall's studies are concerned with finding individuality and uniqueness in the conformist nature of the mass produced image, experimenting with how the same picture can be altered to develop a whole personality of it's own. This method of production, combined with Marshall's erratic, energetic and rhythmic paintwork proposes a non linear, disjointed and fragmented alternative from the technically unaltered photograph. Each print thus becomes completely unique. Marshall approaches his work in original and unorthodox ways, working across a broad spectrum of medias, mixing painting and photography to deliver powerful, gritty but beautiful images of our contemporary environments, capturing a sense of urban anxiety but at the same time celebrating the results. "It's essentially about finding beauty in things that initially appear non beautiful. The space between the four corners of the image I make is as much a place to act and to express as it is an abstract reproduction of what we see around us every day. I really strive for each piece to be completely unique...this way the owner of that work really has something which is one of a kind."